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Adult Protective Services. The Adult Protective Services Program (APS) provides services for physically and/or mentally impaired adults. APS works to help at-risk clients live safely in their homes. APS clients can be referred by anyone. Find more information on referrals or make a referral here or call If an individual is.

Adult Protective Services / Servicios de Protección para Adultos (M-F, a.m. - 8 p.m.) What’s New in Adult Services. APS is a mandated service provided by local social services districts. It involves intake, investigation and assessment of referrals of abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of impaired vulnerable.

Call Ask for Adult Protective Services. Call If there is an emergency or life threatening situation and a person needs immediate help.

Production Database Welcome to the online Adult Protective Services Referral System! Click Here to make a referral to NYC Adult Protective Services Please note: • if this is an EMERGENCY or LIFE THREATENING SITUATION and a person needs immediate assistance please call • All Referrals submitted will be processed by the next business day (APS is NOT open on weekends).