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The goal of Picky Eating Adults Support is to foster understanding and make the general public aware that picky eating or selective eating is a real condition. People that have this .

Site Found, Bob K, came across this post by a young man known only as “Paul” which changed his outlook on Picky Eating forever. He calls the post his Rosetta Stone. Paul, if you read this, we would love to hear from you and find out how you are doing. Read Paul’s Story Here is Bob’s personal take on Picky Eating. Read Bob’s story.

Nov 29,  · Dr. Zucker said some adult picky eaters come to the Duke center for help when they are concerned about being poor role models for their children, for example, or they panic about attending Author: Emily Dwass.

Adult Picky Eaters Now Recognized as Having a Disorder. He runs an online support group for picky eaters and among its 1, active members, he has heard only one success story: Author: Robin Nixon.