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Small Testicles: What Are the Causes, Dangers, and Effects? adult male small testicles

Apr 03,  · A male’s testicle is about 1 cubic centimeter at birth and stays around that size until the testicles start growing about age 8. Then they grow steadily, reaching their adult size some time Author: James Roland.

Nov 04,  · And it’s these anabolic hormones that repair and recharge your testicles while you sleep. This explains why men with properly functioning systems always wake up with good news. They got their nocturnal hormone release. So their testicles grew in size .

Some medications can cause your testicles to grow smaller because they limit the amount of testosterone in your body. Testosterone is one of the biggest causes of small testicles many adult men and teenage boys are using anabolic steroids which is a man made hormone that our body makes.

Abnormally small testicles (testicular volume adult men) may appear due to several causes. Specifically, there are genetic predispositions (syndromes), infections, malformations, testicular traumatic injuries and intoxication by some drugs that can cause the testicular atrophy (the male reproductive organs diminish in size and may be accompanied by loss of function) or testicular.