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Oct 18,  · The mega-billion-dollar numbers you see repeated in the mainstream media come from Adult Video News, the porn industry's trade magazine, "Do not ask Jim to borrow money!!! I Author: Susannah Breslin.

Jun 20,  · The porn industry has never been worth more, but it’s also never been in more financial trouble. Crazy, right? Free porn sites have completely dismantled the industry from the inside, forcing performers to do more extreme acts on camera for more money, or .

May 28,  · There was money to be made from print magazines, and film studios made bank selling VHS and DVD movies and pay-per-view services via hotels and adult cable channels. These traditional content producers made a lot of money, but when the internet came along, the whole media industry changed—including porn’s business model.

The adult film industry is a transient business that appeals to young women, some of whom are on their own for the first time. Making money consistently while creating adult entertainment that Author: Aurora Snow.