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Sep 13,  · In any other party setting, beautiful penmanship would simply be elegant. At a Halloween party, however, calligraphy lends a mysterious, eery atmosphere to your place settings. Naturally, it also has the added benefit of leading your goblins, or, err, guests, to their spots. via Shannon Wellington Weddings and Carly Fuller Photography.

Halloween Party Basics. Halloween is a busy night, particularly for those who have children and are committed to taking them trick-or-treating. Plan your party for the weekend before or after -- unless your social circle is nearly all childless -- so the adults don't have to make a choice about where to celebrate.

The kids have their trick-or-treating and stock piles of Halloween candy, but adults are somewhat left in the dark on plastic skeletons and ghosts aren't your things, throw a classier Halloween party for yourself and all your friends with these spooky fun ideas.

Aug 08,  · Disney is set to debut a new Halloween party this year and it sounds spook-tacular! The Oogie Boogie Bash will be held in Disney's California Adventure Park in California next month and Mickey Mouse has a ton of tricks up his sleeve for this one. Here's everything you need to know about the exciting new Halloween extravaganza.