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The American 7s Football League (A7FL®) was created to make full-contact tackle football significantly safer while retaining the toughness fans love.

The Northern Elite Football League has developed into one of the premier Adult Amateur Football Leagues in the entire nation, boasting teams that have won over 18 championships from various leagues to all come together to form the NEFL.. The NEFL strives to provide a positive experience for our organizations, players, coaches & especially our fans at our games & in our respective communities.

Aug 25,  · Are there any adult full-contact football leagues in Colorado? Follow. 2 answers 2. What is your opinion of women playing full contact football? Has a football team ever gone a full season without conceding a league goal?? More questions. Which is the BEST FOOTBALL LEAGUE? How do you sponsor a adult football league? Answer Open.

The Great Midwest Football League also known as GMFL, is an adult amateur full contact football league that houses the following teams Illinois Firehawks, Indiana Assassins, Indianapolis Express, Warren Township Wolves, Midwest Chargers, Missouri Cyclones, Southwest Missouri Hawks, River City Rampage, and St. Louis Spirit.