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Adult Credit Program adult education credit program

Mar 25,  · The California Adult Education Program serves state and national interests by providing life-long educational opportunities and support services to all adults. The Adult Education programs address the unique and evolving needs of individuals and communities by providing adults with the knowledge and.

Adult Credit Program Why do learners choose the Adult Credit Program? You can earn Ontario Secondary School Credits, acquire better marks for college and university applications, improve your chances of getting a better job and graduate from High School! If you are over the age of 18 and want to complete your high school diploma, we can help.

Adult Education in Nevada. Adult Education in Nevada is comprised of three programs, each "specializing" in certain areas but each dedicated to the academic, civic, cultural, and economic betterment of adults who do not have high school diplomas.

Master of Education – Adult Education online program: Familiarize yourself with the principles of andragogy—the teaching of adults—in the Master of Education – Adult Education online program from Eastern Washington University. Develop the rudiments of assessment and classroom management as they pertain to adult learners.