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The Adult Contemporary chart is published weekly by Billboard magazine and lists the most popular songs on adult contemporary radio stations in the United States. The chart is compiled based on airplay data submitted to Billboard by stations that are members of the Adult Contemporary radio panel. The chart debuted in Billboard magazine on July 17,

Adult contemporary traces its roots to the s easy listening format, which adopted a 70—80% instrumental to 20–30% vocal mix. A few offered 90% instrumentals, and a handful were entirely instrumental. The easy listening format, as it was first known, was born of a desire by some radio stations in the late s and early s to continue playing current hit songs but distinguish.

This week's most popular adult top 40 songs, ranked by adult pop airplay detections as measured by Nielsen Music.

Both as a style and a popular radio format, adult contemporary was heavy on romantic ballads, but there was also room for catchy pop/rock (often updating styles -- early rock & roll, smooth soul, Beatlesque pop -- that adult contemporary's main audience had grown up with) and thoughtful singer.