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This balloon version of Capture the Flag is a fun game for a camping party, family reunion, summer picnic or any event that has several kids and plenty of outdoor space. To play, divide players into two teams. Call one team the blue team and one team the red .

Apr 20,  · Balloon Popping Games for Adults. We’ve collected some fun-filled balloon popping games for your next adult party or get together. Body contact and skill are required for these games, making them ideal for older players. If you have a large group, you might wish to consider one of the team games from the next section.

Water balloon games are the perfect way to have fun in a group, especially during summers. Who says they are meant only for kids? Adults too can engage in them, and rediscover the hidden child within. Given below are some fun water balloon games, which can be Author: Aastha Dogra.

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