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Jun 13,  · Ablative bottom paint, also known as self- polishing bottom paint, is softer and allows the coating to wear off at a controlled rate. Much like a bar of soap, once the boat moves in the water or there is a current and or tide, the outer layer slowly wears away.

Bottom paint (anti-fouling paint) is a paint or coating designed to discourage weeds, barnacles, and other aquatic organisms from attaching themselves (and in the case of wooden boats, eating) to the underwater portion of your boat's hull.

Self-Polishing-Ablative Bottom Paint - Boat Bottom Paints that self-polish and allow for vessels to be taken in and out of the water (trailered, lifts, etc,) without effecting the boat's bottom paint characteristics.

The best bottom paint for your boat depends on the type of boat you have, how you use it and where you use it. Environmental regulations also have a bearing on paint selection. Types of bottom paint include ablative antifouling paint and modified epoxy antifouling paint, plus hard vinyl and thin film paint.