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Jul 28,  · You have a hairy back, and you want to shave it. It is possible to shave your own back, although you'll need to take your time and be very careful not to cut yourself. It can be much easier to ask someone to help out, or to simply pay a professional in a hair salon. Read on to learn about how to remove your back hair!52%(33).

BackBlade Back Hair Shaver helps you remove all your unwanted hair confidently all by yourself With special folding, S-shaped handle designed for maximum comfort, grip-ability, and ergonomics for accessing hard-to-reach areas/5(68).

Aug 01,  · A shaved undercut pixie with long pastel purple pink hair atop a dark brown base. It’a a beautiful color choice, and it pops due to the dark undercut. This shaved nape pixie features a geometric design cut into the back.

Sliced blonde layers on shaved haircuts for short hair. Here’s a great hair design that adds fashion-flair and clever patterning to fine/medium hair. It’s a boy-cut based on the Eton-crop, updated with dual-blonde highlighting for fantastic color depth. The layers are ‘sliced’, which is usually only used on thick hair.